Aoi Hitsuji no Yume Manga

Aoi Hitsuji no Yume Manga

Sommario: Sweet young Kai and the doctor Maria shared a bond that they thought no one could destroy...until Maria\'s brutal murder tore her from Kai\'s arms forever. Now, Kai wanders the pitch-black streets of the inner city searching for the man who stole Maria\'s life. But will he end up a pawn in a gang war that will force him to fight for his very existence? With both a mysterious electronic frequency and a strange, powerful man named Lahti shadowing his every move, Kai must slay his new-found enemies...or fall prey to their desires! ----- In order to find out the criminal who killed his lover, Kai shows up in the town that the two groups, Saruto and Maina, are ruling. There he manages to get close and become the bodyguard of \"Steel Ratri\", a man who has the same ring as Kai\'s lover, on his hands, but...

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